High-grade Intercepts at Bulletin Mine


  • High grade mineralisation intercepted in the Bulletin Main lode as well as sub-parallel structures
  • Better intercepts (downhole widths) include:
    BUUD0064: 16.6m@ 6.03g/t Au 100g*m
    BUUD0069: 8.0m @ 11.1g/t Au & 89g*m
    2.3m @ 9.44g/t Au  22g*m
    BUUD0061: 15.0m @ 5.32g/t Au &  80g*m
    8.0m @ 4.31g/t Au &  35g*m
    5.0m @ 6.91g/t Au 35g*m
    BUUD0072: 11.3m @ 6.63g/t Au 75g*m
    BUUD0057: 11.0m @ 3.10g/t Au & 34g*m
    13.8m @ 4.91g/t Au 68g*m
    BUUD0075: 8.5m @ 8.33g/t Au  71g*m
    WURC0446: 9m @ 5.66g/t Au from 278m 51g*m
    WURC0449: 4m @ 10.5g/t Au from 185m 42g*m
    WURC0481: 7m @ 5.79g/t Au from 162m 41g*m

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